Dear participants of World Championship in Correspondence Renju 2013!

Please find below the list of participants and some information about the coming tournament.

Group cwc2013_ta: High League.
Opening rule: Taraguchi.

Rating Name Nickname Country
2632	Potapov Aleksey	alexei.potapov	Russia
2618	Balanova Jelena	leoranger	Latvia
2504	Golosov Victor	gvu	Russia
2492	Balabhai Viktor	VKB	Russia
2492	Tarannikov Yuriy	yuriytarannikov	Russia
2440	Bobkov Eugene	bobkove	Russia
2426	Qiu Weifu	xiaosa	China
2382	Fedorkin Oleg	ofedorkin	Russia
2330	Sushkov Vladimir	vpsushkov	Russia
2254	Reibandt Vitaly	reibandt	Russia

Group cwc2013_s7b: First League.
Opening rule: Soosorv-7.

Rating Name Nickname Country
2284	Purk Andry	l.vuitton	Estonia
2256	Wu Xiaoning	yizimiao	China
2254	Mikhailov Alexey	sailor_knot	Russia
2244	Nikonov Konstantin	vanalaud	Russia
2214	Volkov Sergey	almond	Russia
2118	Björn Lind	bjorn_lind	Sweden
2106	Pajuste Renee	fastfive	Estonia
2032	Saik Aleksey	saik	Ukraine
2022	Nyberg Bengt	bnyberg	Sweden
1934	ShangWun Han	hwanwoong	South Korea
1576	Sergey Nefedyev	searope	USA

Group cwc2013_s7c: First League.
Opening rule: Soosorv-7.

Rating Name Nickname Country
2256	Li Yang	iloveoov	China
2236	Makarov Pavel	urss	Russia
2198	Kacper Klepacki	dein	Poland
2172	Yamamoto Mitsuo	yamamoto	Japan
2144	Umantsiv Roman	rum	Ukraine
2127	Asplund Bengt	basplund	Sweden
2104	Kozlov Igor	gosha	Russia
2098	Andersson Tord	tord	Sweden
2008	Lents Johann	johann	Estonia
1944	Kurochkin Viktor	boor	Russia
1908	Gromova Irina	hentle_boa	Russia

Group cwc2013_s7d: Second League.

Rating Name Nickname Country
prov. Mammel Mark	mmammel	USA
prov. Igor Magdeev	giocatore	Russia
prov. Villem Mesila	villem	Estonia
prov. Yang Xu	xuyang19870802	China
prov. Piotr Bieniek	bieniek	Poland
prov. Michał Zajk	puholek	Poland
prov. Michał Żukowski	zukowski	Poland
prov. Ekaterina Rumyantseva	katrum	Russia

Forming leagues in the next 2013 World Championship.

1. High League (HL, 10 players) will be formed by:
  a) top 5 from cwc2013_ta;
  b) top 2 from cwc2013_s7b and top 2 from cwc2013_s7c;
  c) a player with the highest correspondence rating among other applicants.
2. First League (1L, 2 groups with 12 players each) will be formed by:
  a) bottom 5 from cwc_2013_ta;
  b) 3rd to 8th places from this 1L groups (cwc2013_s7b, cwc2013_s7c);
  c) top 4 from this 2L group (cwc2013_d);
  d) 3 players with the highest correspondence rating among other applicants.
3. All the rest will form the Second League (2L).

Time control
Each player has got 135 days for each game. If both opponents represent the same country, they have got 115 days for each game between them. If that total time is over, the player loses the game. If a player is thinking about his move for 21 days or more, he also loses the game. However in certain circumstances it is possible to apply for more than 20 days rest. Those days still will be included in the total time. It is not possible to get extra time i.e. more than 135 (115) days for any reason. After 150 moves (75 black and 75 white) a game is draw (exception - 5 in a line).

Game Points and Tie-Breaking rules.
Each player plays two games (one as tentative black and one as tentative white) against each other player from the same group. A win gives 1 point, a draw gives 0.5 point, a loss gives 0 points.
In order to determine the participant's place the following items are taken into account.
a. Total number of game points (2-0 > 1,5-0,5) b. Total number of match points (2-0 = 1,5-0,5) c. Berger Coefficient: Each player receives all game points that those players have got which he has won against, half of the game points that those players have got which he has played draw against (and none of the game points that those players have got which he has lost against) d. Results in games between the participants involved (with the same total number of points) e. Number of game wins In case of equality in all items mentioned above, the places are divided. If getting some of the places involved will give the right to play in another group or tournament then this right will be determined by drawing of lots.

Note that RenjuOffline server doesn't calculate match points so the final standings may differ from server results.

Board chat.
Only those two players who play the game may use the board chat. All comments from other players are strictly prohibited and may cause ban on the playing server.

Identity proving.
Those players who failed to prove their identity or whose contact person refused to confirm their identity may be disqualified by Chief Referee (1L, 2L) or by Referee Council (HL) at any moment during or after the tournament.

If player abandons the tournament thus forfeiting (only because of 21-day rule) a significant number of games (50% in 1L, 2L; 3 games in HL) then he may be disqualified and all his games are considered as losses except ones against participants who were disqualified too. The decision about disqualification is being made by Chief Referee in the 1L, 2L and by Referee Council in the High League.

Chief Referee of the tournament is Epifanov Dmitry, Russia, e-mail, userid owen.
High League Referee is Epifanov Dmitry, Russia.
First League Referee is Balanova Jelena, Latvia, e-mail, userid leoranger.
Technical Referee and Second League Referee is Serdyuk Andrey, Russia, e-mail, userid warpod.