Dear participants of World Championship in Correspondence Renju 2015!

Please find below the list of participants and some information about the tournament.

Group cwc2015_s7a: High League, World Championship Finals.

Name Country Nickname
Qiu Weifu   China   xiaosa
Qi Bo   China   pqrst
Fedorkin Oleg   Russia  ofedorkin
Nikonov Konstantin  Russia  vanalaud
Xiaoming Wang   China   yizimiao
Bobkov Eugene   Russia  bobkove
Magdeev Igor    Russia  giocatore
Kacper Klepacki Poland  dein
Makarov Pavel   Russia  urss
Michal Zukowski Poland  zukowski

Top 5 will keep their place in the HL

Group cwc2015_s7b: Preliminaries (so-called First League).

Name Nickname Country
Reibandt Vitaly Russia  reibandt
Yamamoto Mitsuo Japan   yamamoto
Andersson Tord  Sweden  tord
Danilin Ivan    Russia  awe
Kabachinskiy Maxim  Ukraine burger
Nakayama Tomoharu   Japan   nakayama
Glibina Ekaterina   Russia  evanika
Kozlov Igor Russia  gosha
Kurochkin Viktor    Russia  boor

Top 2 will advance to the HL. 3rd-8th will keep their place in the FL (if there will be SL).

Group cwc2015_s7c: Preliminaries (so-called First League).

Name Nickname Country
Mikhailov Alexey    Russia  sailor_knot
Volkov Sergey   Russia  almond
Bjorn Lind  Sweden  fghj
Nyberg Bengt    Sweden  bnyberg
Hao Tianyi  China   wind23
Taras Dominyuk  Ukraine charodey
Bieniek Piotr   Poland  bieniek
Filinov Vladimir    Russia  renjubase
Kuleshov Mikhail    Russia  msk
Samuli Saarenpaa    Finland samsite

Top 2 will advance to the HL. 3rd-8th will keep their place in the FL (if there will be SL).

Time control
Each player has got 135 days for each game. If both opponents represent the same country, they have got 115 days for each game between them. If that total time is over, the player loses the game. If a player thinks on a one single move for 21 days or more, he also loses the game. However if there are certain circumstances, it is possible to apply for more than 20 days rest. Those days still will be included in the total time. It is not possible to get extra time i.e. more than 135 (115) days for any reason. After 150 moves (75 black and 75 white) a game is draw (exception - 5 in a line).

Game Points and Tie-Breaking rules.
Each player plays two games (on as tentative black and one as tentative white) against each other player from the same group. A win gives 1 point, a draw gives 0.5 point, a loss gives 0 points.
In order to determine the participant's place the following items are taken into account.
a. Total number of game points (2-0 > 1,5-0,5)
b. Total number of match points (2-0 = 1,5-0,5)
c. Berger Coefficient: Each player receives all game points that those players have got which he has won against, half of the game points that those players have got which he has played draw against (and none of the game points that those players have got which he has lost against)
d. Results in games between the participants involved (with the same total number of points)
e. Number of game wins
In case of equality in all items mentioned above, the places are divided. If getting some of the places involved will give the right to play in another group or tournament then this right will be determined by drawing of lots.

If player abandons the tournament thus forfeiting a significant number of games (50%) then he may be disqualified and all his games are considered as losses except ones against participants who were disqualified too. The decision about disqualification is being made by Chief Referee in the Preliminary Tournament and by Referee Council in the High League.

Chief Referee of the tournament is Epifanov Dmitry, Russia, e-mail, userid owen.
High League Referee is Epifanov Dmitry, Russia.
First League Referee is Salnikov Pavel, Russia, e-mail, userid porthos.
Technical Referee is Serdyuk Andrey, Russia, e-mail, userid warpod.